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Safe Orderly Caring Student Expectations
Coal Tyee 2010/2011
Coal Tyee is striving to be a safe, caring and orderly community that will help make our school a place where students are free from harm, where clear expectations of acceptable behaviour are held and met and where all members of the school community feel they belong. The Ministry of Education defines an orderly school as “one in which members of the school community are informed about and exercise their rights and responsibilities as school citizens.” (2006) Expectations of acceptable behavior, respect and decorum need to be understood and respected by all community members. To ensure understanding and consistency the following student expectations have been identified.
 It is expected that students:
  • enter and exit by classroom exterior doors. Parents and siblings are encouraged to drop off and pick up at these doors as well.
ipods/ electronics
  • leave all electronics at home. We recognize that some electronics, such as
  • i pods/mp3 players, may be required for instructional purposes. In this case, they are expected to remain in backpacks until permission is given by the classroom teacher.
cell phones
  • turn off cell phones before entering the school and keep them in their backpacks until the end of the school day.
  • dismount and walk bikes while on school property. Helmets must be worn for safety; it is the law! Students arriving without their helmets, will not be permitted to ride their bikes home.
scooters, skateboards
  • leave scooters and skateboards at home.
  • remove hats, hoods & bandanas before entering the school.
dress code
  • adhere to the school district’s dress code policy: “Students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate and conducive too a positive and safe learning environment. Appropriate dress is safe; is free of any reference to alcohol, drugs, gangs hate, obscenity, profanity, discrimination, sex and/or violence; is not disturbing or distracting to others within the school setting. Clothing should appropriately cover the body from the shoulder to the mid-thigh.” Students who wear inappropriate clothing will be asked to change into acceptable attire, which may require being sent home. In this case, parents will be contacted.
recess/lunch breaks
  • stay outside during recess breaks (students are encouraged to wear clothing appropriate for the weather and time of year). If a child needs to use the washroom, they are expected to check in with an adult on supervision, before entering the building.
  • stay within the school ground boundaries (corner of Ms. Symbaluk’s classroom by the playground, corner of Mrs. Anderson’s classroom by the basket ball court and the fence along the field area.) during the school day, unless they have written permission from a parent. Primary students have access to the playground on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and the swings on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Intermediate students have access to the swings on Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays and the playground equipment on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
computer lab
  • are under the supervision of an adult when using the computer lab.
gym/equipment room
  • are under the supervision of an adult in the gym/equipment room. 
staff room
  • knock and wait for an adult to come to the staff room door. The staff microwave is not to be used to heat up student lunches. The staff room is a place where staff members feel free to meet/work/eat.
paper and photocopy rooms
  • are under the supervision of an adult in these areas. Students are expected to ask the school secretary for assistance if anything is required from the photocopy room.
phone use
  • have a phone pass to use the phone during the school day and/or staff permission to use the phone after school.  
“safe” play areas
  • use “safe” areas on the school grounds when playing with hockey sticks and balls. The paved area opposite the playground is used to enter and exit the school for washroom use at recess. It is not considered a “safe” place to play soccer, hockey or other games that involve throwing and hitting objects. Students are encouraged to use the basketball court for hockey and the field for soccer.


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