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Goal:  to establish and maintain a safe, caring and orderly environment for

 purposeful learning. 






In a “safe” school, community members (students, teachers, parents) are expected to act in a way that will not endanger themselves or others.


For example:


Ø  stay calm

Ø  use WITS

Ø  adults need to supervise carefully

Ø  be a great role model

Ø  no bullying

Ø  respect others’ space

Ø  “friendly and fair”

Ø  report dangerous items, hurt children, unsafe play to a duty





In a “caring” school, community members (students, teachers, parents) are expected to act in ways that promote the dignity and equality of all members of the school community, support diversity and foster a sense of belonging.


For example:


Ø  make learning exciting; care about and listen to all children

Ø  be inclusive; teach how to be inclusive and make/keep friends

Ø  focus/pay attention

Ø   “friendly and fair”

Ø  “what’s on the ground stays on the ground” (snakes, frogs, snow etc.)

Ø  listen to the ideas of others

Ø  have a “busy brain”; be curious and ask questions; become an independent learner

Ø  assume leadership roles




In an “orderly” school, community members (students, teachers, parents) are expected to


Ø  conduct themselves in a way that does not interfere with the teaching/learning process, show respect for themselves, others and property.





For example:


Ø  follow student expectations

Ø  be fair and consistent

Ø  be polite and respectful

Ø  keep classrooms and personal space tidy

Ø  follow the direction of, and show respect for the authority of all members of the school staff

Ø  attend regularly, be punctual, have the necessary equipment and supplies and to give their best effort during lessons and when completing assignments


In addition:

  1. Responses to unacceptable behaviour will be applied on a consistent basis taking into consideration:

Ø  Age and maturity of student (as students become older and more mature, expectations of personal responsibility and self-discipline will increase).

Ø  Severity and frequency of unacceptable conduct as well as extenuating circumstances.

  1. Whenever possible, disciplinary action will be preventative and restorative, rather than punitive.


Consequences for Unacceptable Behaviour

Safe, Caring and Orderly Classrooms


Teachers will inform parents and students of their classroom expectations (homework, planners, disruptive behaviour etc.)


Safe, Caring and Orderly School


Teachers will teach/review school expectations as well “character development”

Classroom Teachers will consider:


Ø A teacher initiated resolution

Ø Using a “Buddy Room”

Ø Contacting parent(s)

Ø Consulting with administration

Ø Filling in an “Office Referral” form and/or referral to “School Base Team

Safety is a serious concern when  students are involved in:


Ø fighting, bullying

Ø disrespectful behaviour towards adults

Ø defiance

Ø repeated disregard for school expectations


The school administrator will initiate one of the following:


1.  Office Referral with support   documentation (office referral form).

2.  Suspension/in-school suspension

            3.  Loss of recess/lunch privileges



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